Your Entire End-to-End Network Infrastructure, All Managed From a Single Dashboard. Finally.


A typical network consists of a series of connected, yet independent devices communicating through IP addresses and various other configurations. However, because these devices are managed independently through the manufacturers portal, they can not automatically adapt when changes are made elsewhere in the network. This leaves the IT manager to configure each location using multiple interfaces and often talking to multiple support teams.

With Cisco Meraki’s cloud management solution, everything is simplified by having the enter network managed from the Meraki Dashboard. Configurations and changes can be executed across multiple devices and even across multiple locations. This also means there is only one support number to call, which eliminates the customer service blame game between manufacturers.

Centralized Management for All Your Network Devices


Powerful layer 7 features with real time security updates from the cloud


Multi-gig speeds with configuration and troubleshooting from anywhere via the cloud


World famous wireless technology without a controller


VoIP technology and sleek design with zero-touch configuration


High-def visuals and motion search technology