Manage Your Network On Your Terms.

We are Here to Help Manage Your Network When You Need Us, As Much As You Need Us.

Your IT department is managed differantly than all of our other clients. Naturally it will have different needs and resources in order to manage it efficiently. That is why Stratus offers our clients three options for managing their cloud network. The Meraki Dashboard’s transparency and ease of use is ideal for self-managed organizations, though if you need some assistance getting acclimated to the interface for the first time, we are here to help. Alternatively, if you are a business owner with no plans to hire IT staff, Stratus is happy to manage your network for you.

Regardless of your management style, Stratus is available to administrate and troubleshoot your network remotely from anywhere in the world, whenever you need us. That’s the power of cloud.

Completely Self Managed

If you have experience managing IT networks before, we welcome you to take advantage of the ease and simplicity of the Dashboard by administering your network in house.

Dashboard Education

Stratus offers one-on-one tutoring with your IT team and a Cisco Meraki certified engineer. We tailor the lessons based solely on what you want to learn. Just pay for the time you need until you are ready to fly on your own.

Full Time Management (MSP)

If you need network infrastructure but a full time IT manager is too expensive, we totally understand. For a flat monthly charge, Stratus can be added to your  dashboard as an administrator and run your network for you.